Serving Odessa, Midland and surrounding areas since 1982

Serving Odessa, Midland and surrounding areas since 1982


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Basin Water Conditioning has been offering clean water to the Odessa/Midland area since 1982. We offer residential and commercial water softening and water purification solutions specializing in reverse osmosis filtration. We offer a variety of products from under the counter RO systems to counter top and water coolers. Our water softeners soften this harsh west Texas water!

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If you want great tasting, purified drinking water, we have the perfect alternative to bottled water! A reverse osmosis water purification system will give you unlimited purified water at your fingertips. Take advantage of the benefits of installing a reverse osmosis system in your home. Since bottled water has become an environmental issue because plastic bottles are non biodegradable, a home RO system is a more ecologically-friendly and a practical approach for acquiring purified drinking water. 



Imagine the convenience of never having to carry water into your home again! Also, think of the health benefits you will receive from drinking fresh purified water right out of your home's tap - not to mention the money you will save! We provide several options regarding RO systems. Let us custom design an RO system to fit your needs. All of our RO systems use water saving shut-offs, the highest quality water filters, and TFC membranes. Each RO system includes the faucet your choice.

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